UNES Consultancy Empowers kasneb with Computer-Based Examinations and a Forward-Looking Strategic Plan

The adoption of CBE demonstrates KASNEB's commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced educational experiences, while the strategic plan provides a visionary framework for future growth and success.

In a groundbreaking collaboration that highlights their commitment to innovation and progress, UNES Consultancy successfully delivered two significant projects for the Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB ). These projects include the provision of Computer-Based Examinations (CBE) services in August 2022 and the development of a comprehensive Five-Year Strategic Plan for the years 2023 to 2027. Both endeavors have positioned KASNEB on a transformative path, leveraging technology and strategic vision to enhance their services and drive educational excellence.

Provision of Computer-Based Examinations (CBE) Services

In August 2022, UNES Consultancy partnered with KASNEB to revolutionize the examination process by introducing Computer-Based Examinations (CBE). This shift from traditional pen-and-paper exams to computer-based assessments represents a significant leap forward in terms of efficiency, security, and accuracy. UNES Consultancy’s expertise in technology-enabled them to seamlessly deliver the CBE services, ensuring a smooth transition for KASNEB and its candidates. This innovation has not only enhanced the examination experience but also positioned KASNEB as a pioneer in embracing digital advancements in the education sector.

Steering the Development of the Five-Year Strategic Plan

In a colorful online launch event, KASNEB unveiled their forward-looking Five-Year Strategic Plan for the period 2023 to 2027. UNES Consultancy played a pivotal role in guiding the development of this comprehensive roadmap, which sets the course for KASNEB ‘s future growth and success. The strategic plan aligns with the board’s vision of becoming a globally recognized professional examination body and focuses on key areas such as digital transformation, curriculum development, capacity building, and stakeholder engagement. The launch event, which can be viewed online, symbolizes kasneb’s commitment to transparency, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

Harnessing Technology for Enhanced Education

The introduction of Computer-Based Examinations is a game-changer for KASNEB and its candidates. This technology-driven approach streamlines the examination process, reduces administrative burdens, and enables quicker and more accurate results. With UNES Consultancy’s support, KASNEB successfully implemented the CBE services, ensuring the highest standards of security, reliability, and fairness in the assessment process. The shift to computer-based exams demonstrates KASNEB ‘s dedication to staying at the forefront of educational innovation, equipping candidates with digital literacy skills that are essential for success in today’s rapidly evolving world.

A Strategic Vision for Success

The launch of KASNEB ‘s Five-Year Strategic Plan marks a significant milestone in the board’s journey towards excellence and relevance. UNES Consultancy’s involvement in steering the development of this plan ensures that KASNEB is well-positioned to navigate the dynamic educational landscape. The strategic plan provides a clear roadmap for KASNEB ‘s initiatives, emphasizing the importance of digital transformation, curriculum relevance, stakeholder engagement, and continuous professional development. It reflects KASNEB ‘s commitment to adaptability, quality, and responsiveness to the evolving needs of the accounting and secretarial professions.


UNES Consultancy’s successful delivery of the Computer-Based Examinations (CBE) services and the development of KASNEB’s Five-Year Strategic Plan signify transformative milestones for the organization. The adoption of CBE demonstrates KASNEB ‘s commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced educational experiences, while the strategic plan provides a visionary framework for future growth and success. With UNES Consultancy’s expertise, KASNEB is well-equipped to embrace the digital revolution in education and drive positive change in the accounting and secretarial professions. These achievements reinforce KASNEB ‘s position as a leader in the examination sector and set the stage for a future marked by innovation, excellence, and relevance.

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